How to enter a query ?

This option allows you to search by several physical and chemical parameters as eg. the boiling point and a molecular formula. Just enter the value in the corresponding field and select the logical operators from the pop-up menus. For some field like bp you may also enter the accuracy (allowed error on the value).

Searching for molecular formula

There are 2 possibilities. You may search for an exact molecular formula or within a range of them.

Example 1: Me2CHCOOH for all the products having the MF C4H8O2

Example 2: C10F2-F3 : for all the products having 10 carbons and 2 or 3 fluorine atoms

Iupac value
Molecular formula =
Molecular weight +-
Structure contains
Molecular weight +-
Boiling point (°C) +-
Melting point (°C) +-
Density +-
IR +-